Interior Traditional Shutters

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Generally traditional style, or colonial style, shutters are 3/4 inch thick using a 1-1/4" wide louvers. Some traditional style shutters have flat louvers, but most are wedge shaped with a vain, or ridge, down the center. The small slats generally are spaced on one inch centers. Traditional shutters can be made in a number of panel configurations depending on the width and height of your window opening. Four panel units (two panels on either side) seems to be the most popular selection when possible. Traditional style shutters are also a popular selection for single tier cafe shutters (units that only cover the lower portion of a window), and double tier, or two tier, units that are made with two panels from top to bottom, so the top panels open independently of the bottom panels. Traditional style shutters have always been constructed from wood and to date have not been manufactured from vinyl, poly, faux wood, or synthetics.

window traditional shuttersTraditional, or colonial, style shutters are native to the North Eastern United States - including New England, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, Vermont, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. They are a common fixture to early American style houses dating back to pre-revolutionary period. Throughout the years traditional style shutters have spread west into homes with a quaint or country decor. Large numbers of manufactures produced traditional wood interior shutters, distributing them through window covering specialists and lumber yards.

Shutter Tip:

Double hung shutters install with separate panels on the top and bottom. The panels open independently of the other. Before ordering double tier shutters, strongly consider how the shutters will be used. If the shutters will not be opened often, consider a single tier with a divider rail instead.


In the past few decades, those same manufactures have shifted their primary focus to wide louver plantation style shutters. Most have abandon producing the smaller slat traditional style shutters, making them difficult to purchase.

Proving that interior window shutters are a timeless window treatment, the demand for traditional style shutters is again on the rise. Horizon Shutters is one company that has continued to manufacture, sell, and ship custom made colonial traditional shutters nationwide. If you are looking for custom exterior shutters, see ShutterLand Exterior Shutters.

For more insight into traditional shutters see "Flair-Fold Shutters".