Interior Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters originate in the Northeast region of the United States. Colonial shutter units consist of smaller shutter panels (usually under 16 inches). Standard colonial shutter louvers are wedge shaped, with the thick portion toward the front, with a ridge that runs the length of the louver. The louver is commonly 1-1/4 inch from front to back. Four panel units are the most common configuration, but others may be necessary. If the window is tall enough, a two tier configuration may be possible, allowing colonial shutters on the bottom and the top. Each shutter tier would operate independent of the other. Colonial shutter units that only cover the bottom of the window are called single tier cafe shutters. Often a fabric valance is used with a cafe type shutter.

Colonial shutters are timeless and offer a quaint peaceful feeing to a home. A well constructed colonial shutter is comparable to fine furniture. These shutters can either be painted or stained to match the decor of the home.

colonial shutters for interior windowThe availability of colonial shutters in recent years has decreased. Only a few remaining manufacturers kept this shutter style alive. Now, there is a resurgence of demand for colonial shutters. No longer limited to New England, they can now be found in homes throughout the United States. The more common term for colonial shutters is Traditional shutters, or colonial blinds.

Shutter Tip:

The U.S. Department of Energy recomends during cold winter months to open interior and exterior window coverings on south-facing windows during the day - allowing sunlight to naturally heat the house. Close shutters or other window coverings at night to reduce the chill from cold windows.


Colonial shutters are offered by local shutter retailers and online sources for shutters. Often colonial shutters are purchased as individual panels and are trimmed and finished by the end consumer to fit the window. This is more difficult than ordering custom made shutter units, but is often more cost effective.

Proving that interior window shutters are a timeless window treatment, the demand for colonial style shutters is again on the rise. Some companies have continued to manufacture, sell, and ship custom made colonial traditional shutters nationwide. If you are looking for standard, or stock, size panels like those that were sold in lumber yards or home improvement stores.