Flair-Fold Shutters

Flair-Fold shutters dominated the stock-size shutter market for years. Lumberyards and hardware stores sold the unfinished interior shutter panels to do-it-yourself home owners. Flair-Fold mostly supplied small louver traditional shutter, or small slat colonial shutter, panels. Common widths were between 7 and 16 inches. Small louver interior traditional, or colonial, panels were popular so that the customer could build a four-panel unit.

Bi-fold shutters hinged two panels together on the left and two panels together on the right, sometimes called "accordion shutters". The unit would open in the center and the panels would collapse and rest against the wall. Flair-Fold shutters were sometimes configured into a double tier unit so it would consist of panels across the top and bottom. Cafe shutters were also popular, where the Flair-Fold shutters were only used at the bottom of the window.

The popularity of blinds, curtains, and drapes decreased the demand for Flair-Fold shutters. Today, few lumberyards still sell stock-size unfinished shutter panels.

A new and improved stock-size shutter panel is now available. The popularity and demand for shutters as a permanent window treatment is on the rise. Do-it-yourself home owners have discovered the internet as a great nationwide source for interior shutters. As with Flair-Fold, the shutters are sold as individual unfinished shutter panels. The difference is that some shutters are made from high-quality basswood opposed to lower quality pine. Shutterland louvers are self tensioning so they stay in position for the life of the shutter. Flair-Fold shutters were made with 11/16" stiles and flimsy 1/2" top and bottom rails. Shutterland uses 3/4" stiles and 11/16" thick top and bottom rails.

ShutterLand exteror wood shutters are sold in thousands of sizes that can be order to fit your opening. They are prefect for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Plantation style 1-1/8" thick panels are also offered on the ShutterLand web site. ShutterLand shutters are sold online and shipped quickly nationwide.

Flair-Fold Shutters or FlairFold Shutters