American Shutters made in the United States of America (USA)

interior window shuttersA growing number of shutters available are manufactured in facilities outside of the United States of America (USA). Cheap labor and materials have enticed companies to set-up shop off of American soil. Producing shutters outside of the United States of America typically decreases the price of shutters, it also decreases the quality and increased production time.

Below are the primary reasons to purchase American made window shutters.

Ordering from an American company with their manufacturing base in America allows for more control from the end customer. Full authority over all shutters they manufacture is essential. Companies that outsource shutter production to other countries suffer a disconnect between administration and manufacturing.

A customer support staff that is knowledgeable, friendly, and available to discuss your specific situation is invaluable. You may discover shutters produced off-shore may have limited support, a call center that is not located in the United States, or disinterested individuals.

Shutters made in the United States can be made-to-order, and shipped directly to your door in a timely manner. Shutters from foreign nations must be fabricated with standard stock features, shipped, and stored in an American facility. The end consumer must then select from a supply of panels in limited sizes, colors and configurations. Shutters that may not arrive up to customer expectation (i.e. shipping damage) can be quickly repaired or replaced by United States companies.

The majority of the cost of a shutter obtained from international sources is transportation. Manufacturing is outsourced because labor and materials are cheaper than in the United States. So the product is a minority of what you pay. Even with shipping costs, foreign shutters can often be sold at a price point slightly lower than shutters made in the USA.

Strict United States manufacturing regulations ensures that American products are safe for you and your family.
American products will not contain lead or any other hazardous ingredient.

An individual purchase of shutters made in America will not improve the greater economy. However, Americans as a whole supporting companies that employ fairly-compensated American workers will make a difference.

American shutters have been and will remain the standard of interior window shutters. A strong American workforce focused on product quality produce shutters that will last the lifetime of your house. Shutters manufactured outside of the United States are usually poorly constructed with inferior louver tensioning, inadequate sanding, and thin finishing.

Strongly consider the consequences when purchasing shutters that are built outside of the United States (USA) verses American made window shutters.

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