Cafe Shutters with Valances and Shutterette

Cafe type window shutters - A shutter unit that only covers the lower portion of a window.

Cafe shutters are designed to cover the lower portion of a window and leave the top portion open. Many times cafe shutters are applied to double hung windows with a horizontal division within the window. The top of the cafe shutters should be just about even with the top of the lower tier. Sometimes this style is refereed to as "half-height shutters" or "shutterette".

cafe shuttersGenerally, cafe type shutters are designed using small louver, or small slat, traditional, or colonial, style shutters. The smaller traditional louvers lend themselves to smaller panel configurations. Occasionally plantation style shutters are used for the cafe shutter application.


Cafe shutters are a great use for stock-size budget shutters. The width of the shutter panels become the only critical dimension for fitting the shutters to the window. The height of the shutter is not restricted. Cafe shutters don't necessarily just cover "half" of the window. In fact, cafe shutters and cover any portion of the window you desire.

Cafe shutters are great for privacy, covering the bottom of the window, and allowing the top of the window to remain open. Movable louvers are great for light control and can be easily opened for visibility. They are also a great way to cover your window on a budget. Cafe shutters are obviously less expensive than those that cover the entire window.

Valances are a popular addition to the window when a cafe shutter is used. There are thousands of fabrics that can dress the upper portion of your window opening. Cafe half-height shutters are a versatile application for windows that do not require the entire opening to be covered. Cafe shutters, or shutterette, work with a variety of home designs and decors.

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