Shutter Doors and Shutter Panels

Shutter door is usually just another term for a shutter panel. In the industry a single shutter is called a shutter panel, but many people use the term shutter door. Many times shutters panels hinge like doors and can create a comparison to doors, and spawning the phrase shutter door.

Shutter panels are sometimes used in place of doors for closets and other applications. Louvered shutter panels can also be used on sliding glass patio doors. The shutter panels hinge to either side of the door creating a wonderful shutter application. Shutters are popular in many parts of the country for use on windows. When used as doors, it is sometimes wise to increase the width of the panels for stability.

louvered shutter doorsLouvered doors constructed like shutters are popular in the Caribbean, California, and Bahamas to allow air to move through the house. Generally these types of doors use a fixed louver, instead of a movable louver. The louvers are pointed down form the outside to prevent rain water from entering. Traditional style and plantation shutters are seldom used as doors.

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A shuttered door is sometimes used where the shutter is attached directly to the door. This application is sometimes used on a French door. Putting a shutter on a french door is extremely difficult and usually best left up to someone who can measure, design, and install the shutters locally.