Plantation Shutters

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Interior plantation shutters are usually built with a 2-1/2, 3, 3-1/2, or 4-1/2 inch movable louver. Sometimes, plantation shutters are available with a smaller 1-7/8 inch louver or a larger 5-1/2 inch louver. Louvers are available in two profiles. The first is elliptical in shape, where the louver is thicker in the middle and tapers to the front and back. An elliptical louver is stronger than the alternative flat louver. Most manufactures today use an elliptical louver, but can provide a flat louver on request.Panels are generally 1-1/8 inch thick, and should not be narrower.

interior window plantation shuttersConsidered more contemporary than traditional shutters, large louver shutters can be installed in both new and old homes alike. Modern homes are being built with large rooms using wide open windows. These shutters are the perfect window covering to complement this type of architecture.

Plantation shutters are semi-opaque when the louvers are closed. This allows the homeowner complete privacy, and an almost dark room. A minimal amount of direct sunlight will penetrate the narrow gaps along the edges of the shutter unit and between the louvers.

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Plantation Shutters

Buy Horizon shutters direct. Interior shutters are custom made from solid wood for each individual window. Receive prices online, order, and shipped nationwide.

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The louvers can be rotated partially open to block direct sunlight, but allow enough light to brighten the room. This is a great way to protect furniture and carpet from fading over time. Fully open, plantation louvers provide great visibility and maximum light.

Faux wood shutters (or faux) are constructed out of synthetic materials. Because the material is weaker than natural wood it is far less versitile.

This style of shutters are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of environments. Dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms benefit from the use of wide louver shutters.

Individual panels can usually span between 8 and 36 inches. Interior shutter panels are connected to make units to fit the window. The number of panels used depends on the width of the window. As a rule of thumb, we suggest dividing the shutter unit the same way your window is divided. So, if your opening is divided into three equal vertical sections, to use three shutters across. Or, if your window is not divided into sections to use as few panels as allowable.

Do not confuse indoor shutters with plantation blinds. Blinds use cords to connect and rotate individual slats.

Shutter Tip:

Select interior shutters with the largest louver possible (except for 4-1/2 or 5-1/2 inch louvers which are best for extremely large windows) to maximize your view. Panels with larger louvers use fewer louvers with more space in between for light and visibility. 2-1/2 inch louvers are spaced on 2 inch centers, 3 inch louvers are spaced on 2-1/2 inch centers, 3-1/2 inch louvers are spaced on 3 inch centers, and 4-1/2 inch louvers are spaced on 4 inch centers.


Interior plantation shutters will make a wonderful addition to your home. We strongly urge you to compare samples from several different companies. Consider all of the information listed on "How to Buy Shutters" and "Shutter Purchase Tips".