Interior Shutter Louver Staple Replacement

A tilt bar, if properly constructed, keeps the louvers of a shutter panel in a uniform position and allows them to move in unison. The tilt bar is most often connected to the louvers using wood shutter specific stables.

If any of those staples are removed or fall out, the tilt bar no longer controls those specific louversand a repair is necessary.

The best repair can be done by contacting and by reviewing the shutter repair page.

tilt bar shuttersAs an alternate repair, the shutter staple can be replaced with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Carefully guide the staple through the corresponding staple in the tilt bar and insert it back into the original holes. We recommend that you first dip the ends of the staple in wood glue before reinserting for a stronger hold and decrease the likely hood that it would fall out and require another repair.

If you are unable to locate the removed staple, you can construct a replacement. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, bend a strong staple gun strength staple into the same shape as the staple needed. You will need to clip the legs of the staple to reduce the length of the staple. Make the cut at an angle to make it easier to reinsert. Then, follow the same instructions above.

Using a home-made replacement staple may not return your shutters to their original quality. However, in most cases, you can achieve acceptable results.