Fix Broken Shutters

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Repair parts for plantation shutters

Interior shutters are built to endure harsh window environments and remain intact with regular use. However, on occasion interior shutters are subject to uncommon abuse which results in shutters that do not work properly.

broken shutters on interior windowsThe most common failure happens when the shutter staples that connect the tilt bar to the shutter louver are removed or fall out. Staples keep all of the louvers uniform. Missing staples allow individual louvers to rotate independent of other louvers. There is a low degree of difficulty to replace shutter staples. Shutter staples are available at

Children occasionally grab or tug shutters inappropriately which may break the tilt bar, or tilt rod. A broken tilt rod is usually not repairable, and needs to be replaced. Replacement tilt bars are available at

Direct force to the connector between a louver and shutter stile can break the pin that supports the louver. Louver pins can be replaced if there is no damage to the louver. Often a plastic or nylon pin is used. Replacement spring-loaded louver pins are available at Regular nylon pins can be used opposite of the spring loaded pin, or for building plantation shutters.

Shutter louvers can occasionally be damaged inadvertently or by aggressive pets. Plantation shutters can either use a flat or elliptical louvers. It may difficult to match the color of replacement louvers. Paint can be matched by paint suppliers. It may be best to order an extra louver to test stains to match current stain finishes. Order replacement louvers at

Interior shutters often can not be repaired. View our page on suggested shutter companies to find a retailer.