Interior Shutter Divider Rails

Divider Rail - A horizontal bar that creates top and bottom louver sections. It looks like the top or bottom rail and allows the sections to rotate independently.

divider rail shutters A divider rail in a shutter unit can be extremely useful to make two, or more, louver sections within a single shutter panel. This allows the operator to open the top louver area while leaving the bottom area closed for privacy.

Divider rails are usually required when the height of a shutter unit is greater than a specified height for stability. The specified height is generally determined by the material used to build the shutter (vinyl, faux wood, poly, wood, etc.) and style (plantation or traditional).

A quality interior window shutter company will allow the customer to specify the location of the divider rail. This becomes beneficial when there is an existing division within the window, so the divider rail can be located a the same level. Locating the divider rail at any other location would create more divisions within the window opening.

Shutter Tip:

Divider rails are useful in the right situation. However, divider rails add more division to the shutter unit. For maximum light and visibility, avoid using a divider rail where possible.


A divider rail is also a great substitute for a double hung shutter unit. A double hung unit allows the top panels to open independent of the lower panels. A divider rail offers the louver division, but does not create separate top and bottom panels. This substitution is a good alternative when a double hung unit would cause the width of the hinged panels to exceed the height.