Indoor Shutters for House Windows

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Indoor shutters are used throughout America as a upscale alternative to indoor blinds, curtains, drapes, or other types of window treatments. Indoor shutters consist of a top and bottom rail, side stiles, louvers, and a tilt bar. These components make up one indoor shutter panel. Panels are then connected together with hinges to make shutter units. Indoor shutter panels can be made in very specific widths and heights to build shutter units that will fit each individual window.

indoor window shutters installed on windowsIndoor shutters are sold in two styles, traditional and plantation. Traditional indoor shutters are build with 1-1/4 inch wedge-shaped louvers. The traditional shutter is perfect for use in colonial New England style homes. However, they are now being used more in new construction throughout the country. Plantation indoor shutters are built with larger elliptical shaped louvers. Plantation style shutters are thicker than Traditional shutters and can be made into larger individual panels.

Some indoor shutters are sold as complete custom-made units. In this situation, the customer provides the exact window measurements, and the shutter supplier builds the shutter unit to precise specifications. Indoor shutters are also sold as individual panels. This is a less expensive alternative to custom made shutters. In this scenario, the customer is responsible for determining the number of panels necessary to fill the window, and trimming the shutter panels to fit the window opening.

Indoor shutters can be either painted or stained. Most painted indoor shutters are finished in various shades of white, but any color is possible. Only wood shutters can be stained, enhancing the grain of the wood.

Shutter Tip:

Use as few plantation shutter panels across the window as possible for maximum visibility and light. If your window is less than 36 inches wide, consider using a single panel that hinges to either the left or right side of the window.


Indoor shutters can be installed on the inside of the window opening or directly to the outside of the window opening. An inside mount is preferable in most situations. The shutters then attach directly to the window jamb using butt hinges. The window must have adequate depth to allow the louvers to rotate, depending on the shutter style. An outside mount uses a frame or hang strips that attach to the outside of the window opening. Both mounting methods result in a complete look.

Indoor shutters can be purchase online from a number of companies. The qualities range from furniture quality indoor shutters to shutters that may only last a couple of years. For more information on selecting an online retailer of indoor shutters view our purchase tips.