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charlotte raleigh charleston shuttersWindow shutters are plentiful throughout the Carolinas. Interior shutters are distinct in character and manage light better than most other window coverings. Both traditional shutters and plantation shutters are built to last the lifetime of the home, adding value to the structure. Homeowners in Charlotte and Raleigh North Carolina appreciate the permanence and durability of interior shutters so they will most likely never have to be replaced.

Plantation shutters acquire their name from use on large estates in Southern United States. The plantation revolved around farming with a prominent central house. The focal homes were often large and regal using wide louver shutters. These plantation shutters were useful for their ability to control light, allow ventilation, and highlight the grandeur of the house.

Today, homeowners throughout North Carolina and South Carolina have plantation shutters installed inside their homes. These window shutters blend well with the architectural home styles in the Carolinas. Plantation shutters can be built with narrow 2 inch louvers, but the large 3 inch, 3 inch, or 4 inch are used more often. The selection of a larger louver allows for fewer louvers to be used, producing more light and visibility through the louvers. People in the South and particularly the Carolinas select interior shutter unit configurations with the fewest number of panels. The maximum width of a wood plantation shutter is usually about 36 inches.

Interior shutters are not the only type of window shutters used in both North and South Carolina. Exterior shutters are popular to enhance the curb appeal of the house. Some exterior Southern shutters in the South are installed to have the ability to swing open and closed. Functional exterior shutters do require operable exterior shutter hardware. Stationary outside shutters need only to be screwed to the building.

The larger cities, Raleigh or Charlotte North Carolina, have some local suppliers for window shutters. However, it does benefit the homeowner to research interior shutters or exterior shutters online before making a large purchase.

Horizon Shutters sells custom made interior wood shutters in both plantation and traditional styles. View styles, finishes, and pricing online. Horizon Shutters does ship nationwide.

ShutterLand offeres high quality wood exterior shutters. Select from louvered shutters, raised panel shutters, a combination of louvers and raised panels, and board and batten shutters. View complete shutter specificatons and prices online. ShutterLand also ships nationwide.


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