Exterior Bermuda Shutters

Functional Bermuda exterior shutters are popular in tropical regions.

bermuda shuttersHomes in tropical environments often use exterior Bermuda shutters for protection from the elements. Bermuda shutter panels span the entire width of a window, and attach to the top of the window opening with hinges. The Bermuda shutter bottom extends away from the window, supported by a metal arm to lock it in an open position. Bermuda shutters are categorized as functional exterior shutters because they do operate.

Standard exterior shutters install to the side of a window and swing closed, covering a window opening with multiple panels. Bermuda shutters are wider than typical shutter panels and require a vertical sub-stile for additional structural stability. The vertical sub-stile creates two horizontal louver areas. Variations of the classic design use multiple vertical sub-stiles for extremely wide windows, or a horizontal divider rail that create top and bottom louver ares for taller windows.

Bermuda shutters use fixed louvers adjusted in a downward position when viewed from the outside of the home. Closed Bermuda shutters allow air to pass through the louvers and shed frequent tropical showers. Constructed with the appropriate louver angle, an open Bermuda shutter will allow visibility through the louvers while providing an awning-like shade from the bright afternoon sun. Bermuda shutters style specific hardware that open the shutters from the bottom. Bermuda hinges and Bermuda shutter stay keep the shutters in the desired position.

Historically Bermuda shutters have been constructed from wood, which has strength and visible character. Wood shutters require some maintenance and can withstand light tropical storms. Other materials that can be used include aluminum and composites. Consult local codes and guides for recommendations for hurricane and strong wind protection.

The distinct tropical look of Bermuda shutters is popular throughout the Caribbean, Bermuda, Florida (Miami, Tampa, Orlando, or the Florida Keys), and California. Bermuda shutters add a unique architectural accent to a house detail. Painted with vibrant costal colors, Bermuda shutters promise to define the house.

Bermuda shutters are often called Bahama Shutters, Bahamas Shutters (or misspelled as Bahamma shutters).