Florida Keys and Key West Shutters

Exterior shutters in Key West and Florida Keys.

key west shuttersThe Florida Keys are world-renowned for the tropical climate, friendly atmosphere, and unique architecture. For generations, an eclectic mix of artists, writers, musicians and world leaders have made Key West and surrounding Keys a temporary or permanent home. A large part of the charm of the Florida Keys is the visual appeal of the distinctive homes and buildings.

The past few decades have seen increased restoration of many of the historic homes in the Old Town district of Key West. A stroll through Old Town reveals nearly every home utilizes exterior shutters. All of the Key West shutters are made of solid wood, and many have been in place for over a century. The colors and styles are mostly consistent with Caribbean shutters.

key west shuttersExterior shutters in the Florida Keys are as important in function as they are in appearance. Because insects are of a lesser concern in the Florida Keys, an open house is a valid option. Foremost, exterior shutters in the Florida Keys provide defense from tropical storms that often threaten homes in the area. Outdoor shutters are operable so florida shuttershomeowners can quickly close them in inclement weather. Bahama shutters prop out as an awning to shade from direct sunlight and close for protection from tropical storms. Closed louvered shutters on a typical day allow air to circulate through out the house while preventing the intense tropical sun from entering the building. Often homes in the Keys do not have interior window coverings, so outside shutters also provide privacy. A majority of exterior shutters are multi-functional with moveable louvers that can be rotated to adjust the amount of light, privacy, and ventilation.

Homes in the Florida Keys are an eclectic mix of Bahamian and Victorian styles. The combination of bright colored homes accented with beautiful wood exterior shutters defines the crisp, tropical look that distinguishes the Florida Keys and Key West.

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