Exterior Bahama Shutters

Bahama exterior shutters have a distinct style.

Bahama shutters are popular tropical regions including the southern United States, Caribbean Islands, and in the Bahamas. Bahama shutters have a distinct look covering a wider area than a standard exterior shutter. Bahama shutters use bahama shutter hinges at the top of the window. The shutters remain open with shutter stays, a type of exterior shutter hardware that hold the shutter away from the outside window.

Both open and closed, Bahama shutters allow for good ventilation. Almost universally built with fixed louvers, Bahama shutters allow air to pass through the louvers into the house. This type of exterior shutters offers pleasant shade when open, acting much like an awning.

caribbean bahama shuttersBahama shutters are constructed with a vertical sub-stile that divides the shutter into two sets of horizontal fixed louvers. Sometimes in wider windows, Bahama shutters can use more than one vertical sub-stile. The louvers are fixed in a down position so rain is shed away from the window. The louvers are usually between 1.25 inches and 1.75 inches spaced at about 1 inch.

Bahama shutters can serve as storm shutters to protect the house during high winds and rain. Many people use Bahama shutters as hurricane shutters for protection from winds in excess of 70 miles per hour. Bahama hurricane shutters may need to be reinforced to serve as the only line of defense against hurricanes.

bahama shuttersBahama shutters are most often constructed from exterior grade woods. The outdoor shutters are then carefully and thoroughly painted with an exterior grade paint. It is very important to maintain the finish to preserve the outside shutters. If water penetrates the finish to access the wood, deterioration may occur. Alternate synthetic materials are also being used to build Bahama shutters.

Bahama shutters are distinctly tropical and help divine regional architecture. The unique style of Bahama shutters is rarely witnessed in northern states. Tropical colors often adorn Bahama shutters giving them a relaxing and inviting style.

Bahama shutters are often called Bermuda Shutters, Bahamas Shutters (or misspelled as Bahamma shutters).