Exterior Shutter Hardware - shutter caps, hinges, dogs, and bolts

Durable functional exterior shutter hardware (including shutter caps, shutter hinges, shutter dogs, and shutter bolts) is almost as important as the exterior shutters themselves. Quality shutter hardware allows exterior shutters to swing open and closed and lock in either the open or closed position.

exterior shutter hardwareWhether the shutters will be operable or not, shutter caps made of a weather-resistant material like bonderized galvanized steel should be used. Shutter caps are installed over the top of shutters to protect against moisture damage, which most frequently occurs from water or snow sitting on top of the shutter panels. Shutter caps can be painted to match shutter panels for a seamless look.

exterior shutter hingeShutter hinges are used to support exterior shutters and allow the them to swing from an open position over the windows in a closed position. Exterior shutter hinges should be made of a sturdy, weatherproof material with zinc plating, and exterior hardware traditionally has a wrought iron black finish. Some of the most popular shutter hinge hardware include: shutter strap hinge and pintle, middle hinge and pintle, L-type hinge and pintle, Clark's tip blind hinge, Acme, Lull & Porter mortise hinge, and Stanley blind hinge.

Installing shutter hinges can be unique for each window. In general, the pintle mounts on the face of the wood trim. The diagram below shows how to determine the throw and offset necessary. The offset of the pintle and strap are matched, and the throw of the shutter is twice the offset. The strap mounts to the side of the shutter that faces forward when in the closed position. Occasionally, it is necessary to attach the pintle directly to the siding, brick or stucco finish of the house. In that case, a lag mount pintle must be used.

shutter dogsShutter dogs are also known as "tie backs." Shutter dogs are used to hold shutters in place while open. Additionally, this exterior shutter hardware offers creative opportunities to accent the exterior of a house. All patterns are sold in lag mount, plate mount, and sill mount styles. Lag mount is necessary for use when affixing the shutter dog to brick or stucco. Decorative shutter dog styles include: s pattern shutter dog, rat tail pattern shutter dog, star pattern shutter dog, shell pattern shutter dog, grape pattern shutter dog, and flower pattern shutter dog.

Bahama shutters require special hardware that allows shutters to open from the bottom away from the window. The Bahama hinge attaches at the top of the window while the Bahama shutter stay keeps the shutter in an open position.

shutter boltShutter bolts are a type of exterior shutter hardware that will keep shutters in the closed position during inclement weather. Finally, ring pulls can be affixed to the shutters to assist in the process of opening and closing the shutters.

Non-functional vinyl shutters can't be installed with the same hardware. Hardware for installing vinyl shutters is usually included with any vinyl shutter order. Commonly long screws can be used to wood and vinyl house siding. Shutter spikes which are hammered through the panel are used with masonry, stucco, or hardboard. Make sure that your vinyl shutter hardware is the same color as the exterior shutters.

Choosing exterior shutter hardware can be almost as important as selecting the panels themselves. And choosing shutter hinges, shutter dogs and other shutter hardware that complements the design of a house is a beautiful finishing touch.