Wooden Shutters for Windows

Wooden shutters are one of the best window covering options.

wooden shuttersMost wooden shutters are constructed from a solid hardwood. This gives the shutters the necessary stability for daily use. Windows are a naturally harsh environment with direct sunlight, fluctuating humidity, and rapid temperature changes. Wooden shutters can withstand all of these conditions. Wooden shutters are built to withstand harsh climates from intense heat and sun of the tropics to intense cold of the North. Not all wooden shutters are created equal. The selection of wood, types of joints, and overall design determine the quality of the end product.

The type of wood is most important in the overall structure of a wooden shutter. Wood is chosen based on durability, weight, straightness, length, and finishing qualities. Basswood is builds a quality wooden shutter. It ranks high in all of the above characteristics. Additional woods can be found at Wood Shutters.

Joints need to be solid and strong to create a long lasting wooden shutter. Finger joints connect two shorter lengths of wood. Finger joints ultimately show through the finish of a painted wooden shutter and look poor from the beginning for a stained wooden shutter. It is strongly recommended to purchase shutters that use full lengths of wood and do not use finger joints.

Strong joints between stiles and rails prevents the two components from separating. Joints should be glued and dowled for the strongest bond.

It is important that each aspect of the overall design of a wooden shutter has been taken into consideration. Panel thickness, louver profiles, louver tension, rabbets, hinge mortises, and individual panel sizes all need to be well thought out.

Shutter Tip:

Synthetic shutter manufactures and marketers claim that their shutters will not warp, chip, crack, or peel generally implying that these are properties of wood. Quality wood shutters will NOT warp, chip, crack, or peel and are built for harsh window conditions. Otherwise, wood shutter companies would have been out of business long ago.


Purchase from a company that discloses all of the specifications of their wooden shutters. A lifetime warranty is of little use if the shutters need constant repair, or if the company is slow to respond.

Purchase your wooden shutters by first educating yourself about window shutters. Doing research online is an excellent way of preparing to purchase quality wooden shutters.

Find exterior wooden shutters that will enhance your house.