Plantation Interior Vinyl Window Shutters

Using Interior Vinyl Shutters

Interior vinyl shutters are the least expensive shutters on the market today. Vinyl shutters can be quickly and cheaply manufactured so the end consumer can purchase shutters on a minimum budget for a perceived value. Interior vinyl components are hollow, which requires aluminum reinforcements for stability and unsightly caps to cover the louver ends. Hollow rails and louvers causes vinyl to be opaque - allowing unwanted light to enter the room. Vinyl shutters are extremely durable and virtually water proof, but look and feel like plastic.

Vinyl shutters are only made in the plantation style with limited louver size options. Vinyl offers a very few color options (usually white and off-white), and vinyl shutters obviously can not be stained. Vinyl shutters are largely sold by home improvement stores or lumber yards as a low cost alternative to wood interior shutters which make vinyl shutters easy to find.

We highly recommend you do not purchase vinyl interior shutters.

Positives about vinyl interior shutters:

+ Vinyl shutters are easy to find
+ Vinyl shutters are durable
+ Vinyl shutters are virtually water proof
+ Vinyl shutters are cheap
+ Vinyl shutters can be made into semi custom units

Negatives about vinyl interior shutters:

- Vinyl shutters look and feel like plastic
- Vinyl shutters are hollow
- Vinyl colors are limited
- Vinyl shutters can not be stained
- Vinyl shutters are not available in a traditional style

Vinyl can also be used for exterior shutters.