Window Shudders

shutter border

Looking for shudders? Shudders is a common misspelling of the correct term "shutters". Shudder is a verb that means to shiver convulsively, vibrate, or quiver. Shutters are a popular window covering consisting of two side stiles, a top and a bottom rail, and louvers in between. "Interior shudders" to be used on the inside of a home, and "exterior shudders", used on the outside of the building are common forms of the misspelling. We even find shutter sometimes spelled "shuter".

indoor shuddersOther misspellings include "vinal shutters" or "vynal shutters" instead of vinyl shutters. Synthetic shutters can often be misspelled "sinthetic shutters". We have also found that people refer to a "window seal" instead of the appropriate term window sill.

Some people accidentally misspell shutters - shuter or shuters.

Occasionally, the term "levalor", "levolor", or "lever" is used in place of the correct term louver.

Even though "shutterette" is not a word, it is commonly used to describe a cafe height interior shutter.

"Shutter blinds" is sometimes used to try to describe window shutters. However, shutters and blinds are two different window treatments.

Hurricane shutters might use the accidental spelling of hurrican shutters.

We urge you to familiarize yourself with terms used in conjunction of both interior shudders and exterior shutters by viewing the page on shutter terms.