Red Flags when ordering shutters

What to lookout for when ordering interior shutters

Beware of prices that seem significantly lower than prices of shutters from other companies. While price does not directly reflect quality, it usually is a good indicator. Make sure you request a sample of the shutters before ordering for comparison.

Beware of companies that do not offer samples of their product. This strongly indicates the shutter is of poor quality.

Beware of companies without regular phone support hours, and support personal that cannot answer technical questions.

Beware of companies that do not require measurements for custom shutters to 1/16". Custom shutters should be made to close tolerances for the best fit.

ship window shuttersBeware of companies that promote "free shipping". Free shipping is a term that means "we have added the cost of shipping into the price of our shutters".

Beware of companies that offer free installation is a term that means "we have included the cost of our time into the price of our shutters".

Beware of companies that claim their installers are "certified shutter installers", a title that has been invented to discourage homeowners from attempting to install window shutters, and allow that company to increase the price of their shutters.

Beware of companies with poor looking or difficult to navigate web sites. This generally suggests that the company is not focused on doing business on the internet, and has not perfected the process of selling custom window shutters online.

Beware of companies that use a "hang strip" along the side of the shutter for mounting the shutter to the inside of the window opening This technique is commonly used for cheap customized shutter units and only adds more unnecessary wood to the shutter unit.