Shutter Blinds

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Shutter blinds is a term that is frequent used to refer to interior window shutters. Both blinds and shutters are popular forms of window coverings that use horizontal slats, or louvers, to control light and visibility. However, both blinds and shutters have distinct features that differentiates one from the other. However, people still use the phrase shutter blinds to fine one of these two products.

Window Blinds

interior blinds shutters for windowsWindow blinds have been popular since the mid 80s because of the use of larger than average louvers or slats. Until the popularity of shutters, window blinds used smaller aluminum slats in either the mini blind or micro blind. Custom blinds are built not to require stiles, rails, or tilt bars and still resemble shutters. The slats are generally made from Basswood because of the straightness, durability, and the ability to paint or stain. Blinds use a system of strings to adjust the tilt of the slats to adjust light. Window blinds may also be constructed from a composit synthetic material. Blinds also offer the ability to retract all of the slats to the top of the window for increased visibility.

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Window Shutters

Interior shutters are generally more formal, durable, and substantial than window blinds. Interior shutters are made into panels that are connected to make units to fit the window. The individual shutter panels then can open to either side, while blinds retract to the top of the window. The number of shutter panels used depends on the size of the window. The shutter louvers are roteated using a tilt bar to place the louvers in a desired location, unlike the string system used with blinds.

Shutter Tip:

In warm climates, the U.S. Department of Energy recomends installing white shutters, or other interior window coverings, to reflect heat away from the house. Close south-facing and west-facing window coverings during the day.


Generally, a customer looking for shutter blinds are looking for window shutters. Occasionally, people looking for wide slat blinds with the term shutter blinds. Find great sources for either shutters or blinds online.