Recycle Old Window Shutters

Did you just purchase a pair of old shutters from a local flea market, antique shop, or Ebay? Perhaps you removed an set of old wood shutters from a window in your house that you can't seem to throw away. Window shutters are a perfect item to recycle to create another useful and decorative item.

Here are some ways we have found to repurpose old shutters.

Birdhouse - Construct a tall narrow birdhouse with small narrow-louver traditional shutters on either side of the structure. The front and back can utilize recycled or scrap lumber, decorated with other repurposed household or architectural items. Before assembly, cover all surfaces with exterior paint.

Room Divider - Hinge tall interior shutters or exterior shutters together to create a screen, backdrop, or room divider. The project usually requires at least four shutter panels.

Picture / Card Holder - Attach 1/8" thick paneling to the back of wood shutters. Adjust the louvers to a slightly open position and you may then place Christmas cards, old postcards, or your favorite pictures. Retail stores may also use shutters in this way for small product presentation.

Pedestal - Assemble four equal size shutters together in a square - screwing the side stile of one to the perpendicular stile of another. The fourth shutter can be hinged to create a small cabinet space. Attach a top to create a side table, or insert a shelf within the cavity to create a plant stand.

Shelf - Two shutters can be attached vertically at a 90 degree angle. Then screw several triangular shaped boards to create a corner shelf. Three shutters can be put together as with the pedestal, but with rectangular shelves inserted into the space for a wall or floor shelf.

Fireplace Screen - Place hinged panels on the base of the fireplace. Shutters offer a great cover to add interest to an otherwise unattractive area.

General Decor - Old shutters can be used to frame mirrors or any other item that you would like to highlight. Use of window shutters as design components can be used with eclectic, cottage, or shabby chic decors.

Obviously, there are hundreds of other uses for old window shutters. Reuse of existing products is being green in a world plagued with disposing of gently used items. Creativity opens a world of opportunity.