Painted Shutters - White Shutters

Painted shutters can add tremendous strength to a room's decor. Shutters are the perfect solution to a window that needs to be versatile. Shutters can block almost all direct sunlight when necessary, or open to expose a wonderful view. Painted shutters can be used in large contemporary homes as well as small cottages.

painted window shuttersPainted shutters are usually painted white. There are hundreds of white, off-white, and light tones available to paint your walls, trim, and shutters. Dark shutters are rare, but can look good in the right application. Because shutters are placed in the window, dark colors are not recommended because they absorb heat. White reflects most of the sunlight and stay moderately cool. Generally, the color you paint your trim will be the same color you use for the shutters.

Paint come in a range of sheens. Flat white paint is best used on walls and ceilings. Low-luster, satin, and eggshell paints should be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms for an easy to clean finish. Semi gloss paints are best used on banisters, railings, shelves, cabinets, furniture, and window trim. Shutters should use a semi gloss finish to match the window trim. Because shutters are touched often a high-gloss should not be used. High-gloss white finishes also reflects light at a high degree, creating a painful glare when the louvers are open.

Shutter Tip:

Do not assume that stain or paint names are universal. One manufacturer may develop a color and use the same name as a vastly different color from another company. You should never select a stain solely based on the name. Most manufactures of stains recommend that you test a stain before staining or painting your wood project.


Painted shutters are best when finished professionally. Shutters should be sanded, primed, sanded, and finished with professional spray equipment. It is possible to finish painted shutters yourself. We recommend spraying the paint, if you decide to paint shutters yourself. Before finishing, consult a professional paint store with a wide selection of white and off-white paint colors.

The other option for finishing is to stain the interior shutters.