Outdoor Shutters

It is that time of year again to address outdoor home improvements. Along with landscaping and painting, adding outdoor shutters can make the biggest impact. Outdoor shutters are useful in providing accents to the house, but should not be the predominate feature of the house. Often, outdoor house color schemes include three colors. The first is use for the large surfaces of the outside house. The second color is the trim color used around windows and doors. The final color is the accent color (often the darkest) used for doors and outdoor shutters.

Outdoor shutters enhance your home's appearance.First, determine if the window shutters need to be functional. Functional outdoor shutters will swing open and closed to control light and provide ventilation. Functional shutters require outdoor shutter hardware including hinges, bolts, and shutter dogs. The size of functional shutters is critical because they will need to close together. Each panel needs to be half of the width of the exterior window. Functional shutters will need to be a solid material, like wood, to operate correctly.

Non-functional outdoor shutters are installed for appearance only. The panels can be adhered directly to the house exterior. New houses often use wide windows that make functional shutters impractical. Non-functional outdoor shutters often do not even appear operable, but simply highlight the window. Wood shutters can be installed to be either functional or non-functional. Vinyl outdoor shutters are often lack the structure to be used as a functional unit, but work wonderfully attached directly to the house.

Next, find a supplier for outdoor shutters. Research available shutters online. Many companies provide detailed specifications and online prices for their outdoor shutters. This will also save visiting multiple lumberyards or home improvement stores.

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