Mortised Shutter Stiles for Hinges

Mortise - A rectangular cavity in a shutter stile for inserting a hinge allowing a tighter fit to the side of the window or hang strip.

mortised shutter hingesA shutter mortise is a feature that is absolutely necessary to create the best fitting shutter unit. It significantly reduces the space created by the hanging hinge if mounted directly to the surface. A surface mounted hinge creates a large gap between the shutter and window jamb, or hang strip, that generally allows light to penetrate through the opening.


A mortise in the shutter style should be deep enough to accomidate both leaves of the hinge. It is then unnecessary to mortise the window jamb, or hang strip.

Some online companies sell custom wood plantation and traditional style interior shutters for each individual window in your house. All shutters use mortised hinges and can be painted or stained to match the home. Sold online and shipped nationwide.