Maine Shutters in New England

Window shutters in Portland, Maine (ME).

maine shuttersWindow shutters are a fixture to a majority of houses on the east coast of the United States. Historically, window shutters have been used to control temperature inside of the house and protect from exterior elements, such as rain, wind, and sunlight. Even though many exterior shutters today do not function, they still add a definitive signature to the region. Many shutters are constructed with unique features that give their New England home identity.

Most exterior shutter styles are common in Maine. Shutters can use louvers, raised panels, or both louvers and raised panels. Cut-outs on raised or flat panel areas are common for interest. Common shapes include sailboats, trees, birds, moose, college mascots, anchors, stars, diamonds, dolphins, acorns, flowers, moons, boots, etc. No matter the style, exterior shutters are almost always constructed from wood. Wood shutters are authentic and are encouraged for historical authenticity.

new england shutters"New England Shutters", use a long side stiles that extends past then bottom rail to create feet, called shutter horns or tails. Occasionally, Boston shutters will use horns that extend above the top rail. This is a style unique to the Northeast United States, including Maine.


Interior shutters are also common in the Maine home. Traditional shutters are frequently found in older homes with smaller rooms. This style blends well with common decor and regional style. Traditional colonial shutters are commonly configured with four panels across with two panels hinging together and opening to the left, and two shutters that open to the right. Traditional custom shutters use a small 1-1/4" louver that is wedge shaped. The panels are also typically narrower than Plantation shutters.

Install plantation shutters with wide louvers for greater light and visibility. This style shutter also blends well with New England decor. Larger louvers allow for the panels to remain closed, and allowing light to enter through the louvers.

Wood shutters are beautiful in both paint and stain finishes. White shutters are common in Maine and are the most universal. Stain shutters allow the wood grain to shine and give a rich feel.

Shutters are popular throughout Maine, including Portland, Augusta, Brunswick, Bar Harbor, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Eastport.

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