Hollywood Shutters for Film, Movie, and Television

Window shutters used on movie sets and television studios

Most window shutters are built for longevity. Window shutters require strong raw materials to construct louvers rotate and panels that open and close. Interior shutters must endure intense sun, condensation, and regular daily use. Exterior shutters must contend with sunlight, rain, snow, wind, hail, and in coastal regions, hurricanes.

Shutters used on movie sets comparatively have a very short life. Shutters can be installed for only one or two shots, which may translate to only a few seconds on screen.

ShutterLand shutters have been used on the sets of multiple movies and television shows.

movie shuttersShutters are a recognizable fixture in, and on, the American home. Shutters add strength and presence to a room or environment that other window coverings including blinds, drapes, and shades cannot. So, it is understandable that Hollywood feature films and mainstream television find shutters add character to their visual framework.

Set designers in New York find that traditional shutters contribute to the authenticity of commercial and residential scenes throughout the city. Many scenes focused in California utilize plantation shutters to convey the open and spacious design, usually found in large homes.

Most people never note the placement of shutters in film or television. Shutters are obviously not the focal point of the story, similar to the addition of shutters in most any standard application. The intention of the installation of shutters in most any room is to elaborate the overall arrangement.

Set designers often have little time to accomplish their task, and require in-stock shutters that can be received quickly. Stock-size shutters are sold in pre-established sizes which then need to be hinged together to create a full shutter unit within the window. Wood stock-size shutters can be trimmed to fit in a window opening. Other construction materials, such as faux or poly-wood shutters cannot be trimmed. Wood shutters can also be painted or stained to create the desired finish.

Set designers have found ShutterLand as a great source for quick-ship exterior shutters for movies and television. Their manufacturing facility is in Los Angeles, California for convenient for films and sets in Hollywood. Shutters can be shipped quickly for locations in other parts of the United States.

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