Fabric-Insert Shutters or Shutters with Fabric

Fabric-insert shutters are constructed with a wooden panel consisting of a top and bottom rail and side stiles. The back side of a fabric panel is usually routed to accommodate the fabric. A spring rod on the top and bottom of the shutter holds the fabric, or cloth, in place. Several panels are united to fill the window opening. The fabric shutters usually hinge to either side of the window and open for light and visibility. Often fabric shutters are used as cafe type shutters. Shutters with fabric are popular in country style and arts and crafts homes.

Fabric-insert shutters have fallen in popularity and it is difficult to find a source. Movable louver shutters are much more functional for the modern window than shutters with cloth. Movable louvers control light without opening the shutter panels, but rotating the louvers with a tilt bar to the desired angle. Fabric interior shutters filter light instead of blocking light. Fabric insert panels are difficult to clean and the fabric must be laundered.

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