Europe Shutters

Functional exterior shutters can be found on windows throughout much of Europe. Some shutters appear to be as old as the building they adorn. Most shutters are constructed out of wood, some even metal, but none are synthetic. The character of the window is enhanced with shutters in various colors, panel configurations, and louver types - movable, fixed, or solid panel shutters with functional hardware. Popularity and use of interior shutters in most areas seems to be less than in the United States.

The functional exterior shutters found in Europe are an obvious step in the evolution of interior window shutters popular today. Discover exterior shutters in Switzerland and French shutters for inspiration. Below are some pictures.

Window Shutters Hallstatt, Austria

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Window Shutters – Salzburg, Austria

austria salzburg shutterseurope window shutters

Window Shutters – Venice, Italy

europe venice shuttersvenice shuttersitaly shuttersitalian shutters

Window Shutters – Vernazza, Italy

cinque shutters

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