Decorative Exterior Shutters

Standard exterior shutters can add extraordinary depth and definition to most homes and buildings. Some buildings, however, benefit from specialty custom outside shutters for additional character. There are some wonderful online companies that sell custom decorative exterior shutters.

custom exterior shuttersSpecialty wood shutters can be made with a rustic appearance or contemporary feel. All shutters require hand-made attention to detail. Some shutters incorporate multiple woods, like cedar, or metals like copper, wrought iron, or pewter. Many, but not all, specialty custom exterior shutters are board-and-batten or raised-panel in basic design. Often these shutters are stained for a natural appearance to enhance the wood grain, or painted to complement other colors used on the home.

Many custom exterior paneled shutters use detailed cutouts for definition. Trees, bears, sailboats, ducks, leafs, moose, college mascots, anchors, stars, diamonds, dolphins, acorns, flowers, moons, boots, hearts, or horses are just a few of the cut-outs that can enhance the outside of your home, or business.

exterior shutter constructionWhether you are designing a hunting lodge or remodeling a contemporary urban arts-and-crafts home, specialty shutters will set your building apart from all others. Decorative exterior shutters are perfect for commercial applications to coordinate with the product or service provided. Specialty exterior shutters are generally not functional and are purely decorative. Louvered shutters, paneled shutters without cutouts, or closed board-and-batten shutters generally are better to protect a home or building from weather.

Custom outside shutter companies are usually open to creating a one-of-a-kind shutter for large projects.

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