Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Colonial hurricane shutters are simply standard functional exterior shutters. The exterior shutters hinge on either side of the window opening and swing closed for protection from the elements. Wood colonial hurricane shutters are permanently attached to the building, and often remain open. During times of pleasant weather, louvered exterior shutters can be closed to control light while allowing air to circulate. In contrast to other types of hurricane shutters, colonial exterior shutters add dimension, color, and architectural interest to the house.

board hurricane shuttersNot all wooden louvered shutters are certified to protect from tropical storms. Outdoor shutters that are not specifically designed as hurricane shutters can offer at least moderate protection. Many buildings in the Caribbean use thick board and batten style solid shutter panels which open and close for protection from oncoming storms. Other exterior shutters are are specifically made for hurricane protection,and should be able to provide a rating and test results.

Colonial hurricane shutters need to cover the entire window. Arch top or special shaped windows need custom made shutters that will provide full protection.

Colonial hurricane shutters do offer the convenience of quick operation to prepare for an oncoming storm (opposed to plywood hurricane shutters). Exterior shutter hardware makes operation easy. Simply rotate the shutter dogs to release the shutters from the open position, swing the shutters closed on hinges, and lock exterior shutters with bolts. Some types of standard hurricane shutters require a bar or rod to lock the shutters in place and offer added security.

Standard exterior hurricane shutters can be constructed from several materials. wood shutters are the original exterior hurricane shutter. Unless wood shutters are constructed as thick solid panels, they can only offer moderate protection from hurricanes. Synthetics are relatively new, but they appear to provide the protection necessary from flying derris and strong hurricane force winds.

Research the availability of functional exterior shutters online. Several companies sell quality outdoor colonial wood hurricane shutters. Consult local building codes to verify the purchased shutters meet area restrictions.

Functional Exterior Shutter Sources

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