Window Coverings when Buying or Selling a House

Thousands of decisions are made when purchasing a house. Many people must choose between buying a new house or a previously-owned home. There are positives and negatives with either selection.

home window shuttersNew homes are wonderful. They come complete with new appliances, fresh paint, energy-efficient furnaces, the latest faucets and countertops, and custom features that fit the family's lifestyle. A new house also comes with the piece of mind that the previous owner did not haphazardly rewire the attic fan or install the wrong type of replacement window. New homes allow the owners to start fresh. However, there are considerable costs to buying new. One consideration is that new homes sell for a premium, because of the previously mentioned details. A second consideration is new homes generally do not include window coverings. Sheets often adorn the windows of a new home to prevent the new owners from living in a fish bowl. Depending on the size of the house, the cost of installing window coverings throughout the home starts at a couple thousand dollars and can easily exceed ten thousand dollars. The benefit is that the owners select their own brand-new custom window fashions.

Older homes come in a vast range of conditions. Some have been remodeled or well kept, while others are left in a state of disrepair. No matter what the condition, "used" homes have lost some of the glitter that new homes have. Older homes can usually be purchased at a price that considers most of the "character." Older homes usually have window coverings in place. Some buyers are fortunate to purchase a home perfectly filled with window treatments. Some less fortunate buyers may purchase a house with less desirable window coverings - such as plastic mini-blinds. Although they will eventually need to be replaced, they are usually adequate until time and finances permit replacement.

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