How to Build Shutters for Exterior Windows

How to Build Louvered Shutters For Outdoor House Windows

build exterior shuttersThe complexity of building exterior shutters largely depends on the style of shutter desired. Building louvered exterior shutters is perhaps the most difficult of all the styles with the slimmest margin for error. All louvers must be positioned with precise spacing at uniform angles. Any deviation will draw the observers eye. Building louvered exterior shutters uses flat louvers that either insert into the side stiles. Movable louvers are common in southern ares including New Orleans. Movable components create areas that can not be finished, allowing possible moisture entry points. Fixed louvers are able to fully finished.

Several different methods can be used to construct joints between the stiles and rails. The use of dowels has endured over time as one of the most strong and reliable methods. Simply drill corresponding holes in the end of the rail and side of the stile and insert a dowel that will connect the two. Use an exterior grade glue that will strengthen the bond between the two pieces.

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Bahama shutters, or bermuda shutters, are constructed in much the same way. However, they are typically wider and constructed with a vertical sub-stile.

How to Build Exterior Raised Panel Shutters

Raised panels, or flat panel, shutters are the second most common outdoor shutter style. Raised panel shutters are easier to make than louvered shutters. Essentially the top rail, bottom rail, divider rail, and side stile assembly is the same. A channel then needs to be run along the interior sides of the sties and rails to accommodate the raised panel. If the raised, or flat, panel is constructed from wood, make allowance for expansion.

How to Build Board and Batten Shutters

Board and batten are the easiest exterior shutters to make. Rustic exterior shutters can be built with little experience or special machinery. Building other types of board and batten shutters may require tongue-and-groove construction between boards. Building board and batten shutters requires the least amount of structure of any of the exterior shutter styles.

Build exterior shutters with woods that have been proven to tolerate outside elements. Various forms of Cedar or Cyprus are quality woods for building shutters. In addition, a quality finish is essential to the protection of the exterior shutters. Consult a professional paint company before completing the project.

How to build Plywood Hurricane Shutters or Storm Panels

Plywood hurricane shutters are really not shutters at all, but just a flat barrier between the window and a tropical storm or hurricane. Plywood shutters are not reccomemded according to most building codes, but are the least expensive of all hurricane shutters. Instructions on how to make plywood hurricane shutters can be found at on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website. Manufactured materials used as storm panels should be accompied with complete instruction on how to make and install storm shutters.

Colonial hurricane shutters can be made with the same techniques as standard exterior shutters. It mabe be a good idea to make storm shutters thicker for protection. Accordion hurricane shutters and rolling shutters need to be professionally manufactured.

All About Shutters strongly urges anyone considering making exterior shutters to first consider purchasing standard size shutter panels. Stock size shutters can be extremely affordable. Comparatively, they may be more cost effective than building exterior shutters from scratch, considering material cost and time invested. Research exterior shutters online. National online exterior shutter companies often sell very affordable wood exterior shutters.

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