Room Darkening Window Coverings for the Baby Room

Sleep is invaluable, especially when you are not getting any. Newborn babies usually sleep 18-20 hours a day, and a good sleep patterns are crucial. Babies that have difficulty sleeping during the day will usually sleep poorly at night. And when a baby is not sleeping, nobody is sleeping.

Light control is a key factor in creating a sleep friendly environment. Because babies often sleep during daylight hours, a window covering that blocks most light from entering the nursery is essential.

kids window coveringsFor many years, the best room darkening device was a sterile white roller shade that required a perfectly timed double-tug to retract. Manufacturers have recognized this industry void and have designed window treatments that are both attractive and practical. More than ever before, suppliers are offering a larger array of colors, patterns, designs, textures, and themes to coordinate with room designs. Window treatments now can be both pleasing to the eye and block sunlight.

Roman Shades

Roman shades can be constructed from attractive fabric with an opaque white vinyl liner. The interior fabric can be found in a large range of colors and patterns. A medium thickness material is recommended for durability and to completely disguise the white vinyl liner. Room darkening roman shades with pre-established colors and standard sizes can be purchased from numerous children's-stores. This window treatment can be raised to reveal most of the unobstructed window when light and visibility is desired. For safety, install a cleat above the reach of small children to store the cord when not in use. This simple window solution is both affordable and easy to install.

Interior Shutters

interior baby shuttersCustom wood shutters are a long-lasting, attractive window covering. This semi-opaque treatment provides a strong solid texture for rooms often covered in fabrics and soft decor. The louvers provide excellent versatility for controlling and blocking direct sunlight. The louvers can be easily opened and quickly adjusted for visibility. Shutters can be painted or stained to match the existing trim, furniture, or woodwork. Furniture-quality wood shutters will adapt to multiple room settings and can remain as the child grows older or if the room is repurposed. Interior shutters will cost a little more, but are a more permanent and versatile window covering.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes hang from the top of the window and open to either side of the window opening. Interior window curtains with a thick tight weave can block most light. Pre-made and custom draperies are offered in unlimited colors, patterns, and designs. A liner can also be sewn to the outside of the curtain for additional light control. Do-it-yourself curtains can be constructed with only modest sewing skills. Curtains and drapes can be limiting because they can be too feminine for long-term use in a boys room. Drapes can be very affordable or extremely expensive depending on the material used and how they are constructed.

Combination Window Coverings

Often, combining two different types of window coverings can result in a darker room. Some companies offer room darkening or blackout cellular shades which sometimes allow filtered light. Fabric drapes can block a majority of light if they are constructed with a thick fabric. A light-weight curtain combined with a wood blind or room darkening shade generally results in an acceptable level of light. The under covering can be a neutral color while the drape or curtain can reflect other colors in the room. However, a combination of window treatments can be cumbersome to open, close, or adjust light levels.

Use these guidelines to help design an attractive functional room for your child. Just be sure to choose a window covering that will adapt to your child's rapidly changing interests.