Albuquerque and Santa Fe Shutters

Window shutter suppliers in New Mexico (NM).

santa fe shuttersNew Mexico architecture is unique. The pueblo style homes are unlike any other style across the United States. Rounded-corners, thick walls, flat roofs and terra cotta paint tones are characteristic of the house style that defines the region. Because home style are so establish and historical in design, exterior shutters are seldom used. Rounded window corners and hardened concrete like adobe makes installation difficult. Occasionally, louvered exterior shutters are used in Albuquerque or Santa Fe for protection from sunlight and weather, security, or decoration. Although rare, exterior shutters do blend well with the pueblo facade.

Interior shutters can be an invaluable asset for homes located in warm or cold climates with intense sunlight. Interior shutters help control indoor temperatures and reduce furniture and fabric fading. Louvers rotate open to allow for light and visibility. Closed louvers provide privacy and can virtually darken any room. Plantation shutters coordinate best with a majority of the Southwest architecture.

new mexico shuttersShutters constructed from wood are consistent with regional use of natural materials. Quality wood shutters are built to withstand harsh window environments. Wood shutters can be painted or stained to match the existing décor. Once installed, wood shutters require very little maintenance.

Shutters in Santa Fe and Albuquerque are generally installed using a frame that surrounds the interior shutters and attaches to the wall just to the outside of the window opening. Plaster window jambs and rounded corners prohibit installing shutters inside of the window opening directly to the window jamb.

Suppliers for interior shutters and exterior shutters are limited in New Mexico. Consider purchasing shutters online. Established companies can construct the shutters that you seek, and ship them direct to your house.

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